Consequences of Broken Garage Door Window Glass


Why You Need to Repair Broken Garage Door Glass Quickly

A garage door should be both a selling point and a point of security for your home. If it has glass windows, they need to be kept intact for as long as you own that door. Failing to do so could create entry points for insects, water and people.

Broken Glass as an Entry Point for Water and Pests

If the broken glass happens to be close to the ground, it could create more than enough space for mice or rats to get into the property. Carpenter ants, bees and termites could also enter your property through a tiny hole in the ground. If water seeps through cracked glass, it could cause wooden doors to deteriorate or because moist and tasty treats for the pests that have also entered the garage. If you have a concrete garage floor, excess moisture could carve cracks and crevices into it.

Broken Glass as an Entry Point for Humans

If a human intruder wanted to enter your property, he or she will look for any weak spot to exploit. Depending on where the glass is located, it could represent a convenient spot to reach into the garage and unlock any nearby doors. Depending on the size of the window, breaking it could make it easier to crawl through and into your home.

Broken glass can also be dangerous to your kids or anyone else who tries to enter your home with your permission. A single cut could cause significant injury that may result in a lawsuit or other legal claims. Therefore, make sure that you take care of broken glass as soon as possible to reduce liability and security hazards.

Preserve the Investment in Your Home

You have probably spent thousands of dollars in mortgage and other payments for the right to live in your home. Calling a Bakersfield garage door repairs company may make it easier to keep your property in prime shape. Maintaining a safe and secure home generally makes it easier to sell, and it may help your neighbor’s with their property values as well.