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Improving the Garage Air Quality in Your Garage

You might not think that your garage air quality ranks high on your list of homeowner concerns. But if it doesn’t, it absolutely should. Garages are an important part of our homes. They should effectively function as an extension of our space. To keep the air quality in your garage safe, the many functions of your garage requires care and diligence.

Why Your Garage Air Quality Matters

The two main purposes for your home garage is for storing vehicles and other items, some of which could be hazardous materials. Because you have an attached garage, this space impacts the safety of your home. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to its air quality.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are poisonous compounds that can be found in many products located in our homes. Some of these items can include cleaning products, paints, furnishings, building materials, and office equipment. VOCs release toxins into the air.

These days, many homeowners have an attached garage. One study showed that exposure levels to VOCs such as benzene are up to three times higher than those who have detached garages.

Tips for Improving the Air Quality in Your Garage

Don’t idle your cars in your garage. Doing this can negatively impact your garage’s air quality like almost nothing else. Use an expert in garage door repairs in Bakersfield to get a garage ventilation system installed. This system can act as one of your very best defenses against poor air quality.

Air out your garage once in a while. It not only lowers the level of VOCs in the air. It can also get rid of the musty odors that many home garages have. Another tip for improving air quality is getting environmentally-friendly flooring for your garage. This type of flooring can keep VOC levels low in your home garage.