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3 Important Things to Consider When Paving Your Driveway and Garage

Properly paving your driveway and garage is a great way to keep your home safe from flooding, unwanted weed growth and insect infestation. Keeping in mind a few helpful tips ensures that your driveway and garage will remain problem-free for years to come. Here three important things to consider when paving your driveway and garage.

Pitch and Paving Your Driveway

Pitch is the most important element to consider for paved driveways and garages. When installing asphalt, concrete or pavers, make sure the pitch, or angle of the materials you use, leads away from the garage to the street. Doing so allows water to run off and keeps water from seeping back into your garage, preventing flooding and other issues that can damage your garage’s flooring. Keep in mind that you’ll want to pitch your driveway in two directions to ensure that water runs away from your home on all sides.


If your garage and driveway are on flatter land, then you’ll definitely want to consider a variety of drainage options. Flooding caused by rain or gathering water from your lawn can wreak havoc inside your garage and damage the integrity of your driveway’s materials, so it’s a good idea to install a driveway drain that leads excess water away from your home. Puddles in your driveway may indicate that professional help is needed to correct the issue by properly raising those areas to prevent water buildup.

Sealing Seams

In your garage and on your driveway, it’s important to seal the seam between the two to prevent early erosion and potential damage caused by water sitting in the cracks. A tight seal also prevents unsightly weeds from growing in this space and repels bugs that seek out dark, moist spaces that could lead to an infestation. Sealing your entire garage floor and driveway, in addition to sealing their seams, is another great way to increase their durability. Garage door repairs in Bakersfield are available to help and offer a fantastic variety of garage door services.