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3 Ways to Handle Storm-Related Garage Door Damage in Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a wonderful place to have a home with an eye-catching and efficient garage door that keeps everything in your garage safe and dry. But there are times when garage door damage occurs. If you experience this type of Bakersfield storm damage, there are three things you can do right away to size up the situation and restore your peace of mind.

Document Obvious Storm-Related Garage Door Damage

A damaged garage door that has been affected by a severe storm will likely have some obvious signs of damage. Document this type of damage by writing down what you notice or taking photographs. This is especially important if you have homeowners’ insurance that covers this type of home damage. If everything is well-documented, it will be easier to get reimbursed for your Bakersfield garage door repair costs when you submit a claim.

Check the Door and Its Tracks

Not all storm-related garage door damage is obvious, so take a moment to look for issues that may not be apparent just from looking at your door. One way to do this is to stand outside of your garage door and watch it go up and down if it’s still able to operate. Watch for unusual movements like sudden starts and stops. Also, pay attention to any odd noises you didn’t hear before the storm damage occurred. With the door itself, check for damage to the panels and any hardware that’s attached to your door.

Get an Inspection Done

Even if Bakersfield storm damage didn’t noticeably affect your garage door, this doesn’t mean there aren’t issues that need to be taken care of sooner rather than later. Err on the side of caution and have your garage door thoroughly inspected. Trained technicians know how to look for less-obvious problems with your garage door opener, the springs, and other key parts that need to work together effectively and efficiently for your garage door to keep doing its job.