5 Common Problems With Bakersfield Garage Door Tracking Systems

The garage door is perhaps the most commonly used item by homeowners. However, most companies that provide Bakersfield garage door repairs will say that it is also often the most neglected of the home items. Understandably, garage doors are created with durability in mind, with many homeowners never having to replace them. But that is only possible if it is taken care of throughout its life. To accomplish that, one needs to know the common issues that are going to occur, especially when it comes to the tracking system. Thus, the following includes five of the most common problem you’re likely to encounter with a garage door’s tracking system.

1. Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs Needed Due to Misalignment

As stated above, your tracking system is what allows your garage door to move up and down properly each time you use it. However, there may be a time when you suddenly begin to have trouble using your garage door. According to a Bakersfield garage door repairs company, this can be an indication of a misaligned or warped tracking system. Note that even if the tracking system does not show any clear visual signs of being misaligned, that does not mean it isn’t. So, why do tracking systems become misaligned? In many cases, the reason for a misaligned tracking system involves either simple wear and tear or an event where the tracking system was hit by something large such as a car. In the event of a misalignment, it is always recommended to seek the services of a professional as a DIY project may end up doing more harm than good.

2. Sticky Garage Door Tracking System

In cases in which your door is having trouble moving up and down the tracking system, you may be dealing with something called “sticky tracks” rather than with an issue with the garage door opener. This occurs when the lubrication added at the time of installation (or during its last service) becomes dry. This dry lubrication then makes it difficult for the garage door to properly move up and down the tracks as it has already settled in place. Although adding lubricant to the tracking system is a fairly easy job to do (much of it readily available within big box stores), you will need to have a garage door repairs Visalia service company come in and clean your tracks properly. This is because any leftover debris may cause serious issues once a new coat of lubrication is added.

3. Frozen Garage Door Tracks

Those living within colder climate locations may experience issues with your tracking system during the winter season. Because the tracks are made out of metal, any small amount of moisture in the air can lead to the tracks becoming frozen overnight. This sudden freeze can cause problems with the functionality of your door, thus leading to issues in the morning when you wake up to go to work or school. A common misconception regarding this problem is that the lubricant is the cause of the issue. However, the fact is that freezing temperatures can often make lubricants, especially older lubricants, stop working completely. It should be noted that you must never attempt to use your car’s heat to de-ice the tracks, especially if you have not been able to lift up the door just yet.

4. Transmitter Problems

This may seem obvious, but the fact is that your garage door opener needs to be hooked up to power in order for it to begin moving your door along the tracks. When there is suddenly no movement to your garage door or when it’s stuttering as it moves, you may have an issue with your transmitter. Fortunately, this is a very easy fix as all one needs to do is change out the battery for a new one. If the changing of the battery does not fix the issue, there may be more serious problems with your electrical system. Of course, if you are not comfortable dealing with these types of electronic issues, you may seek the services of a Bakersfield garage service company.

5. Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs for Loud Metallic Noises

If you ever wake up to go to work or school and suddenly hear loud metallic noises coming from your tracking system, it’s likely that it’s being caused by small or large dents along the tracks. These dents are similar to speed bumps on the road because they slow down the door as it moves up and down the tracks. The loud noises you are hearing are coming from the door bumping into the metal tracks. If the issue is not taken care of, it can lead to further damage to your tracks. Always consult with a garage door repair Visalia company as they may be able to take care of your dents in the best possible manner.