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Does My Garage Door Need a Backup Battery?

If you live in an area with many power outages, it might be a good idea to have a battery-powered backup. With the new requirements in California, you need to have a backup battery for your garage door. All home builders and repair companies must adhere to this law.

Are They Similar to a Rechargeable Battery?

These garage door batteries are similar to other batteries. You can install the battery on the motor or the housing of the unit. It contains enough power to open and close the door for up to a few days. When the battery is drained of energy, it only takes five hours to recharge it. If you are worried about the safety systems for your garage door, you should not have any fear. A backup battery also powers the photo-eye reversal system, and it will keep you safe during a power outage.

Can You Install a Backup Battery to All Openers?

If you have a Chamberlain or LiftMaster door opener, you may already have a backup battery. For those with other models, you can check for a battery by looking for an indicator on your system. You should also keep in mind that only garage door openers with direct current motors can use backup batteries. Any garage door opener running on alternating electrical currents will need to find other options during a power outage.

Get Some Help to Install Your Batteries

If you still need help with your garage door opener, you can turn to a professional company for your garage door repairs in Bakersfield. In addition to repairing your door opener, a highly-trained technician will help you find solutions for your home and garage when the power goes out in the neighborhood. You can choose the right backup power, so you will never have to worry about getting stuck with a non-functioning garage door during an outage.