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What Garage Door Noises Could Be Telling You

Noisy garage doors are sometimes ignored because it’s assumed this simply means a garage door is doing its job. And in some instances, older garage doors that are noisy may still function perfectly fine. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In fact, some garage door sounds could be a sign it’s time to call a garage door technician. Let’s take a closer look at what the sounds you may hear from your garage door could actually mean.

Grating, Grinding, and Banging

Consider garage door noises of this nature a sign that something is amiss or about to be amiss. If you notice grating, it’s best to contact a Bakersfield garage door repair technician since this is likely a sign of bent spring coils. Also, it’s not wise to attempt to fix springs yourself because of safety hazards. Worn rollers or tracking could be responsible for grinding noises. And defective panels or hinges are common culprits if you hear banging sounds. Another possible reason for grinding is a lack of sufficient lubrication.

Squealing, Rumbling, or Ticking

A garage door that’s out of balance is one that could squeal when it goes up and down. Fortunately, this is often a fairly easy problem for a trained technician to fix. Rumbling could indicate an issue with spring tension. Also, you may hear a ticking-like sound if your garage door has worn bearings in pulleys or on the rollers that help your door move.

Other Noises to Watch Out For

Garage door repair in Bakersfield is also something to consider if you are hearing rattling and straining. These are typically signs of a problem with a faulty or broken garage door opener. Regardless of the type of racket coming from your garage door, any unusual sounds that are consistently heard when your door operates should be reason enough to have a technician check things out.