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When a new garage is constructed, new paint may be needed in order to enhance the space. Although paint can delay the process of using a garage, there are ways to make each coat dry quicker.

Easy Ways to Rapidly Dry Paint in a Garage

Once a garage installation in Bakersfield is completed, painting the walls is a practical strategy because certain colors can make a space seem larger. The big problem is that paint dries slowly, and this is why most homeowners schedule renovation projects that involve painting at strategic times so that various coats can dry effectively. If you need to enhance your garage with color without scheduling different phases of the process so that the paint can dry, a few simple steps must be taken.

Paint Light Coats

Very long drying times will be needed after a thick coat of paint is brushed onto walls. The nap on a roller sleeve can impact how thick each coat of paint will be during the painting process, so you must use a tool that isn’t bulky.

When applying paint while using a thin roller sleeve, you must roll two even coats. If paint oozes out of the roller during the painting process, there is too much paint on the sleeve.

Run a Fan

After the paint is applied, you can speed up the drying time by placing multiple fans with oscillating capabilities in various spots in the space. The goal is to boost circulation so that paint on every surface dries quickly. However, you shouldn’t run the fans on the highest setting because the wind may move dust off the floor. If this happens, the dust particles will stick on the paint and ruin the finish.