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How to Find an Attractive Garage Door That Matches Your Home

At one point, all garages had the same basic look. However, over time, things changed and more homeowners prefer something that stands out. One great option is to get an attractive garage door that matches well with the look and style of your home. Here are some ideas on how to pick the right one.

Choose an Attractive Garage Door in the Right Material

The material that makes up an attractive garage door is always important. There are several different options available to you, including wood, steel, aluminum and PVC or fiberglass overlay. Wood is the most traditional and most popular. They can also get a special layer of veneer for added protection.

Steel is a good and attractive garage door option that is highly durable. It can withstand the elements better than its counterparts and can be obtained in a variety of colors, styles and finishes. Aluminum, on the other hand, is not as durable but is available in a variety of styles, designs and colors as well.

PVC and fiberglass overlay garage doors are good for complementing your home, but at the same time, they are prone to cracking over time, which may require Bakersfield garage door repair. They are also pricier due to being rarer than the other materials.

Choose Your Architectural Style

If curb appeal is especially important to you, you can choose a garage door that includes certain architectural styles that match up with your home. For example, there are doors that have windows that can make for an eye-catching effect. In addition to door style, in general, you can also easily match the color of your new garage door with the door to your home.

Choose Accessibility Options

In addition to the style, you will also want an attractive garage door with the right accessibility options. This is especially important if you have anyone in your household who uses a wheelchair. Whatever the case, the door should fit properly, give enough room for the ceiling and be able to safely open and close. Having an automatic opener installed is essential as well.

These are great ideas for finding the perfect garage door to complement your home.