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Why Many Homeowners Are Choosing Wall-Mounted Garage Openers

Although the bulk Alphabolin Alpha Pharma in UK of Bakersfield garage door repairs center on overhead openers, wall-based solutions are gaining in popularity. These wall-mounted garage openers, also known as side-mounted openers, aren’t just overhead models reconfigured for vertical positioning. They’re an entirely novel approach with different characteristics and which an increasing number of homeowners are opting for because of the advantages that come with them.

The Side Approach Frees Up a Lot of Space

A potential drawback of an overhead opener for garage doors is the amount of clearance it requires. That clearance means less vertical space for stacking boxes or installing ceiling-mounted shelving. A wall-mounted opener doesn’t require that clearance. It doesn’t need the opener, but it also doesn’t require the tracks that the overhead approach does. This configuration also makes side-mounted openers viable in garages with low ceilings, including those where overhead options aren’t practical.

Installations Are Relatively Fast and Simple

Side-mounted openers have a smaller footprint. Most of the equipment hugs the wall where it’s mounted, and most of the other equipment is relegated to the areas alongside or above the doors. Since it uses a torsion bar and not tracks, the installation is much less involved than with traditional overhead openers. That means that installs are less complex and take less time, and if you hire a professional to perform the install, it can mean smaller installation fees too.

Ease of Maintenance

Another great advantage of a wall-mounted solution is that it generally requires much less maintenance than an overhead system. In fact, routine oiling is often all that’s required, and you don’t have to worry as much about oil dripping on the floor. Screws and other attachments are a lot less likely to loosen as well, which means there’s little to no need to tighten the system on a regular basis.

Lower Structural Requirements

Overhead openers can put a lot of strain on a ceiling, and in many cases, a homeowner must reinforce support to secure the opener. This isn’t the case with side-mounted openers, which put little strain on the structure and rarely require additional support.