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Avante Garde Garage Door

How to Choose the Perfect Avant Garde Garage Door

The sleek design of avant garde garage doors amplify the curb appeal of any home and come with many frame, color and glass options. Consider these helpful tips when choosing an avant garde garage door for your home.


Most modern avant garde garages are made with glass that varies in shade, allowing you to choose how much light and privacy you want to introduce into your garage. Some of the features you’ll choose from include tinted, clear and frosted glass, as well as the size and location of the glass panels.


The materials your garage door is made of is imperative to finding the right look that accommodates the demands of your location’s climate. Wood is timeless and combines a rustic appearance with modern elegance with horizontal wooden slats offset by cascading glass windows. Aluminum is a great for temperature control and is a common material that comprises the frames of many avant garde garage doors due to its durability and compatibility with glass panels.

Avant Garde Garage Door Colors

Color selection is important for adding eye-catching detail to your home. Aluminum frames often come in a variety of colors that can either contrast or match the exterior color scheme of your home. For a look that’s understated, choose similar colors that add warmth and enhance the style of your garage door. Garage door repair in Bakersfield is available for your garage door needs and offers a wonderful selection of replacements with more colors, styles and materials to select from.