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Bakersfield Garage Door Repair Components That Are Often Repaired Together

A garage door is an essential part of any home as it helps homeowners get in and out of the garage. It is also among the most frequently used component of any home. Therefore, garage doors may develop issues due to wear and tear and other elements. As such, your garage door may need to get repaired often by Bakersfield garage door repair services.

There is more to repairing a garage door than a conventional door. There are numerous elements to consider. For instance, you must understand that a garage door is a system of several components. Some of these components work hand in hand, and others are connected. Consequently, they often require to be repaired together. Here are examples of garage door components that are often repaired together.

The Lifting Cables and Springs

Garage doors are made up of lifting cables that aid in opening and closing it. The lifting cables are usually connected to garage door springs. The springs are a vital part of the counterweight system in garage doors. The counterweight system’s role is to allow you to open and close the door with one hand and without applying too much effort.

It is worth mentioning that garage doors do not rely on a motor to open and close. Instead, the motor only controls the course of the movement as the springs make the movements easier. The springs, often known as torsion springs, can produce enough energy to balance out the door’s weight. The springs are usually placed at the top of the door. Heavier doors have two spring systems (primary and secondary springs).

The springs and lifting cables are often repaired together because they depend on each other to perform their roles. The springs need to match perfectly with the lifting cables to get connected correctly. Therefore, frequently, when repairing the lifting cables, you must also work on the springs. You can tell if the lifting cables and springs need repairing if it becomes hard to open and close your garage door without applying too much effort or using both hands.

Garage Door Springs and Tube

Like the lifting cables, the springs also work hand in hand with the tube. The tube is a bar that runs above the garage door and holds the torsion springs in place. The tube does not move. However, it allows the springs to function as they are designed to. So, when the tube is damaged and needs to be repaired, the repair process may affect the functioning of the springs. As such, the springs may also need to be repaired simultaneously. This way, you do not have to worry about the springs not working as they should after completing the tube repairs.

Garage Door Drums and Cables

Garage door drums are located on both ends of the torsion bar. They spin as the rod rolls up or down and roll the cables in the process. The drums help stabilize the doors and keep the cables taught to balance the system. Garage door lifting cables are usually connected to the drums at the top and the doors at the bottom. When repairing garage door lifting cables, repair companies, like Visalia garage door may have to tamper slightly with the drums when disconnecting them and installing new ones.

Bakersfield Garage Door Repair: Opener, Lifting Arm, Manual Disconnect, and Chain

The lifting arm, manual disconnect, and chain are components of a garage door opener. The garage door opener is the opening mechanism for the door. It takes the form of a box hanging from the ceiling and usually has a cord extending to an outlet where it is plugged. The door opener receives signals from the switch and remote, which gets its motor to produce energy to set it in motion.

The specific components inside the garage door opener, like the lifting arm, manual disconnect, and chain often need to be repaired simultaneously as they work together to ensure the effortless performance of the garage door. Other parts of the garage door opener may also need to be repaired together. You will know if these components need repairing if you notice issues with the automated opening and closing of the garage door.

Garage Door Tracks and Rollers

A garage door needs to be maintained on a set path to keep it from crashing into the ceiling or careening off to the side. This is where the tracks and rollers come in. Garage door tracks are responsible for keeping the doors moving in the right direction. On the other hand, garage doors rollers are small wheels installed along both sides of the garage door. They move along the track and allow the door to move smoothly while opening or closing.

When a garage door’s opening mechanism is opened, the rollers move along the inside of the tracks to keep it moving up or down. The tracks typically house the rollers and depend on each other to function. Therefore, they are often repaired together. If the rollers get damaged, you will be forced to tamper with the tracks to access the rollers. Consequently, you end up repairing both components. Also, whenever there are issues with the tracks, they are often associated with the rollers. Bakersfield garage door repair experts often recommend repairing these components together.

Garage Door Brackets and Hinges

Garage door brackets and hinges work together to keep the door mechanism connected. The brackets are the metal components that keep the cables and rollers fastened to the sides of the door. On the other hand, the hinges secure the panels together and allow the door to bend and retract as it moves along the track to open and close.

The door mechanism will not work when the hinges and brackets are damaged. Also, tampering with the hinges when repairing them may affect the performance of the brackets and vice versa. This is why professionals like Visalia garage door repair often suggest that the two components get repaired together.

A Final Word on Bakersfield Garage Door Repair

Understand that the garage door components listed above are often repaired together because they are either connected or depend on each other to function. They also need to fit perfectly together. For instance, a new roller may not be compatible with your existing garage door track, hence the need to repair both components together. Repair companies in different cities, like garage door repairs Visalia, simplify the process of determining the components that need repairs and whether more than one component needs to be fixed.