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Bakersfield Garage Door Repair Fixes for Moisture-Related Damage

Rain and humidity can cause significant damage to your garage door. The damage is more if your door is wooden. Too much moisture can cause the frame of a wooden garage door to swell, which results in reduced clearance between this frame and the door. The door will then start to rub against the frame, or it will stick in place, making it challenging to open the garage door. You’ll likely need Bakersfield garage door repair.

Effects of Moisture on Your Garage Door

Moisture affects both wooden and metallic garage doors. After a long period of rain, the damage to your door may be extensive. Moisture increases the weight of your wooden garage door. The door absorbs water and soaks in it, making it heavier than it was during the initial installation. This excess weight strains the garage door opener, the hinges, and other garage door opening components. If the garage door creaks during the opening, it is an indication of a strained garage door opener.

Moisture can collect in the rubber seals of your garage door, causing the floor to freeze. A frozen floor can cause the garage door to freeze shut. Although the ice will melt, moisture can still collect under the garage door and cause further damage.

Prolonged exposure to water can cause the garage door panels to warp. Warping affects how your garage door functions. When some change in size or they bend, the panels will no longer align and this affects the operations of the garage door components. The door will also not open or close as it should and it begins to buckle.

For metallic garage doors, the metal may start to rust, which causes deterioration. Hinges and other metal components of the garage door may also rust and make it challenging for you to open or close. Simple maintenance routines and fixes can help you avoid these challenges.

Simple Fixes to Prevent Moisture Damage on Garage Doors

Protecting the garage door from moisture damage prolongs its life and saves you money you’d otherwise spend on garage door Bakersfield repairs. Here are three simple steps to protect the garage door from moisture damage.

• Assess the Door for Moisture Damage Proneness – A professional can help inspect if your garage door is prone to moisture damages. During the inspection, they look for cracks and dents that may need fixing. They also look at the seals to ensure they are tight enough to prevent moisture from seeping. Tight seals ensure there is no gap between the door and the ground. You can tell there is a problem with your door if the garage door fails to operate smoothly and quietly.

• Replacement of Weather Seals – Weather seals block water from entering the garage through the gap between the garage door and the ground. Minor flooding and drips from rainwater do not get to the garage floor if the weather seals are tight. Weather seals degrade from the friction that comes with continuous use. You can tell your seals are damaged if you notice cracks, rips, and adhesives falling from the garage door. A Visalia garage door repair expert can help you replace the weather seals.

• Perform a Garage Door Safety Test – During the heavy rain season, which is in February in Bakersfield, you need to test the readiness of the garage door. Ensure that the safety features on the garage door are in good working condition. The two main safety features are the automatic reverse feature and the photo-eye sensors. The automatic reverse feature enables the door to automatically reverse when it senses the presence of an object along its path. Check if this feature is working by placing a solid substance along its path. If the door reverses when it gets to the item, then the feature is in good working condition. The photo-eye sensors should be aligned. Check the light that shows the devices are in line with the sensor.

If you detect that your garage door has any issues, call for garage door repairs Bakersfield. The necessary repairs will get the door ready for the rainy season.

Fixes to Protect a Garage Door From Flood Damage

Flooding causes more damages to the garage door than normal moisture from rain or humidity. If the orientation of your house places the garage in a position prone to flooding, there are ways you can ensure the floods do not get to the garage.

If the garage is prone to flooding, install a trench drain to direct the water away from the garage. The trench should divert floodwater into the home’s sewer line.

You may also need to install a garage door’s threshold seal. This is a thick rubber strip attached to the floor of the garage instead of attaching to the door. This seal effectively blocks flood water from your garage. However, the threshold seal should protect the garage from overflow, so there is still a need for a drainage trench.

If you always have challenges with your garage door when the rainy season starts, you may need to install a new garage door. A new garage door may have better ratings to withstand flooding and extreme weather. If a Bakersfield garage door repair doesn’t correct the issues with your door, consider getting a new one. Allow a professional to inspect the door and tell you if a replacement will be worthwhile.

Keeping Humidity Off the Garage Door

You can keep off humidity from the garage by keeping the garage interior comfortable and regulated. If the garage is hot and humid, it is prone to damages. The humidity can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which not only makes the garage unsightly but can also exacerbate allergies and respiratory conditions. They can also lead to further damage to the wooden parts of the garage door.

You can protect the door from humidity by:

• Using an insulated garage door that blocks all heat and humidity from getting to the garage. You also need to seal windows and doors to regulate the interior environment in your garage.

• Wipe any excess moisture you can see on the garage door. You may also invest in a moisture-absorbing cardboard box to pick the moisture even before it forms.
• Ventilate the garage appropriately so that there is enough air circulation. Use an exhaust fan, ceiling fan, and windows and doors.

The Importance of Timely Bakersfield Garage Door Repair

A professional can assess the damages on your garage door and recommend necessary fixes if you schedule routine maintenance. If your garage door is damaged and is still under warranty, it would be a good idea to replace it as the manufacturer does the work for free. Again, if moisture damages most of the electrical components, consider getting a new door.