Bakersfield Garage Door Repair

Manual Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs vs. Technical Ones

Although choosing a garage door can be a daunting task, one of the essential things to do is correct selecting your garage door because it will make a considerable difference down the line when you need Bakersfield garage door repair. A garage door is an integral part of your home as it helps to keep your vehicles safe. However, since it is the most significant access point available in many homes, it forms a fundamental feature of your house’s exteriors. Generally, garage doors come in two types: manual garage door and automatic garage door. Since you might get confused about picking the correct type, it is imperative to understand each type and its perks and limitations as this will help you make the right choice.

So, how different are these types of garage doors, and how do they work? The automatic and manual garage doors serve the same purpose, but each has unique components and works in different dynamics. A few decades ago, manual garage doors were so popular in most homes. Today, there is a significant paradigm shift as an overwhelming majority of homeowners prefer using the automatic garage door as opposed to its manual counterpart. However, although manual garage doors are much less common, they are still used primarily in old-style houses.

Differences Between Manual and Technical Garage Doors

Manual garage doors are usually attached on large hinges and are operated by physically opening and closing the door. Unlike the technical garage doors, which require electric components, manual garage doors are lighter and have zero bureaucracies when it comes to installation. They only require a torsion spring system.

Since manual garage doors do not require batteries or electricity to function, your door will still be functional even when is a power outage. Also, manual garage doors provide a high level of protection since they are hacker-proof. Unfortunately, the manual garage door has dramatically reduced its popularity in the 21st century due to its inconveniences. No one wants to keep on getting out of their car to lift a garage door open in order to park manually.

On the other hand, a technical garage door is an automatic door attached to a system that controls its closing or opening. Typically, the technical garage door is hard-wired into the house for easier control from a button on the wall. It has a remote which enables you to close or open the garage door conveniently from the driveway. The recent models of the automatic garage doors are equipped with a Bluetooth system, allowing to access to your garage through an app on your phone regardless of where you are. The installation process of a technical garage door is more complicated and costly than its manual counterpart. Also, the technical garage doors require more maintenance since their components, e.g., motor, are more complicated than the manual garage doors.

Manual vs. Technical Bakersfield Garage Door Repair Process

As a homeowner, you tend to open your garage door more than three times a day. Garage doors are immense and are equipped with numerous mechanical components. Due to this, they are highly vulnerable to mechanical breakdown if not properly maintained. Here at Precision Garage Doors, we can fix anything that can go wrong with a garage door. Below are some popular garage door repair issues for both manual and technical garage doors and how to troubleshoot them.

Manual Garage Door

A manual garage door operates with the help of a counterbalance system that is made up of one of two types of spring: the torsion springs and the extension springs. The most popular of the two counterbalance systems uses torsion springs that are horizontally connected to a rotating shaft placed above the garage door opening. Overhead garage doors rely on these springs for proper functioning. The springs provide the power whenever the garage door moves on metal tracks on the garage walls. The metal tracks are attached to the wall by mounting brackets. Usually, the door may stop functioning. If this happens, examine the mounting brackets to determine if they have any malfunctions. If they are unfastened, screw up the bolts at the brackets.

A large population of homeowners uses the technical garage door as the fundamental means of accessing their homes. Yet, despite its vast roles in homes, many homeowners do not understand how it operates. This makes it hard to deal with a challenge whenever it occurs. To enhance your understanding of your garage door, it is imperative to be conversant with its components.

Technical Garage Door

A technical garage door consists of springs, cables, rollers, and other door hardware. This type of garage door is more susceptible to mechanical breakdown than a manual garage door since it is large and massive. Due to this, it needs constant maintenance to enhance safety and efficiency. Unlike many people, the power used to open or close a garage door does not emanate from the overhead motor. Instead, it comes from the garage door springs.

Technical garage doors consist of another component known as cables. The force provided by springs works on the garage door through the use of cables. Therefore, for the garage door to open, it requires the cables which does the actual task of lifting the garage door.

The third main components of a technical garage door are the rollers and tracks. These two works jointly to attain a common goal: safely directing the passage of your garage door upward. They ensure your technical garage door works with minimal friction.

However, the above components of a technical garage door may encounter mechanical breakdown which may impede their smooth functioning. Fortunately, the springs and cables can be repaired. The garage door repairs Visalia process for technical garage door is different from the manual garage door as it is done in the following ways: hold the door to the track, loosen the unbroken spring, unwind the unbroken spring, detach the springs from the center bracket, remove the old spring, or buy other replacement parts.

Manual vs. Technical Bakersfield Garage Door Repair Costs

Both manual and technical garage door incur repair costs. However, each type has a different repair cost depending on the company and location. The average repair cost of a manual garage door ranges between $145 to $341. The average cost of repairing a technical garage door is between $380 to $500. This price includes fixing sensors, tracks, cables, springs, and others.