Bakersfield garage door repair

Protect Your Garage Door With a Bakersfield Garage Door Repair

Having your home burglarized is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Homeowners’ associations and alarm systems have helped to decrease the number of burglaries that occur in a neighborhood. However, your garage door can be a weak point in keeping thieves out. You can protect your house and valuables by securing your garage door. A Bakersfield garage door repair service can help you take the necessary steps to protect your home.

Keep Your Garage Door Closed

Many homeowners have a habit of keeping their garage door open. Thieves can see this as an invitation to walk into your home. If you forget to close your garage door often, you can install a sensor to automatically close your garage door.

The sensor will allow you to set a timer as to when your garage door closes. You can even install an automatic garage door lock for added protection. This can cause your garage door to deadbolt automatically.

Replace Garage Door Windows With Frosted Ones

Windows are a great way to add natural light to your garage. They also add beauty to your garage door. However, windows allow thieves to look inside your garage for any expensive tools you may have on hand.

Thieves can also monitor whether your home because they can see if your car is there. By adding a frosted film to the garage door windows, you can get the benefit of natural light and block thieves from seeing inside your garage.

Install a Smart Garage Door Opener to Monitor Activity

Even if your garage door is locked when in a down position, a burglar can still force open your garage door by hacking the code. However, if you have a smart opener like Chamberlain, you can monitor your garage door even when you are not home. When someone opens your garage door, you can get an alert on your phone. So, if it is a burglar, you can contact the police right away.

If you don’t want to or can’t replace your opener right now, you can buy a Wi-Fi-connected monitor instead. The monitor can send notifications to your phone when your garage door has either been opened or closed. Usually, you would attach the monitor to the frame of your garage door. An app typically comes with a monitor to add to your phone.

Remove Your Garage Door Opener Remote From Your Car

Although it may be convenient to connect your garage door opener remote to the sun visor in your car, burglars will look there first. Therefore, you should take the remote into your home and make it a habit of putting it with your keys. You can also leave the remote in your handbag or jacket.

Hide Your Lock With a Bakersfield Garage Door Repair Service

With just a coat hanger, a thief can get into your garage in less than a minute. You can use a zip tie to prevent this from happening. You can also cut the emergency release cord, but it can reduce the safety of your garage door.

There is another option. You can also hide the emergency release cord with a garage shield. Not only is it affordable, but you can install it easily. You can access the release cord during an emergency, and the shield makes it difficult for a burglar to get into the garage.

Get a Lock for Your Garage Door

If you can open your garage door manually with a handle, install a locking handle. With a garage door lock, you can install it on the inside of the door and frame. You can also install the locking bar manually inside the garage. In order to stop someone from opening the garage door, make sure you lock it right after you enter the garage.

Make a Habit of Locking Your House Access Door

Having an attached garage gives you the convenience of accessing your car without having to walk into inclement weather. However, if you habitually leave the door to the garage open, it can be a security risk.

If you leave the door open and a burglar gets into your garage, he can access your home. So, keep the door locked. For even more security, add a steel security door or solid core door and a deadbolt. You can also reinforce the strike plate of the door. A door sensor can also let you know who enters your home by connecting it to your security system.

Secure Your Service Door

Garage service doors are a convenient way to access your yard from your garage because you can access tools in the garage to work on house and garden projects. However, burglars also like these doors because they can break into your garage without your neighbors noticing. Most service doors have standard locks which make it easy to break into them.

You can secure your service door with a deadbolt. Add a reinforced strike plate at the place where the lock connects with the door to protect it. You want to make sure the screws you use for the installation are at least 3 inches long.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great way to deter burglars because they can record the burglar’s clothing, faces, and other physical features. You can install a motion-activated camera to begin recording when someone approaches your house by car or on foot. These cameras even work at night. The video footage can be stored on a micro-SD card or sent to your smartphone.

Put in Motion-Detecting Floodlights

Darkness is helpful in obscuring thieves from the view of your neighbors and your cameras. Adding floodlights to your yard can act as a deterrent for burglars. Installing solar-powered floodlights is convenient because you don’t need to worry about electrical wiring. Choose motion detection lights that can detect a wide range of movement.

Take Care of Your Landscaping

Trees and hedges can add beauty and shade to your yard. However, if you don’t keep them in check, your landscape can act as a cover to keep burglars hidden while they prowl around your house.

When it comes to landscaping, you want to make sure your neighbors can see around your garage entrance. So, if you have any trees or shrubbery around your garage, trip them back. You can also plant some thorny shrubs close to the garage windows on the ground to deter burglars from breaking in.

Schedule Your Bakersfield Garage Door Repair

There are many ways to secure your garage door from burglars. You can obscure garage door windows. A smart garage door opener can also help you monitor your home. You can also make it harder for thieves to access your home by removing your garage door remote from your car, hide your garage door lock, and secure your service and home entry doors. Installing security cameras can help you monitor your house.

Adding motion detection floodlights and taking care of landscaping can also help deter thieves. Contact Precision Garage Door Service of Bakersfield & Visalia to help you repair your garage door and reinforce it against burglars.