Ways to Weatherproof With Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs

If you live within an area that experiences harsh winters or summers, then you know exactly how difficult it can be to control the temperate within your garage. If you’re a new homebuyer, you may be asking why this is even an issue if the garage is not a living space. According to professionals who perform Bakersfield garage door repairs, there are a lot of reasons why you would want to weatherproof your garage door. These include everything from making the space feel comfortable to protecting the integrity of the components within your garage. Read on to learn ways you can begin to weatherproof your garage door.

Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs: Insulation Recommendations

Possibly the most overlooked area of the garage door tends to the insulation within it. Because homeowners may not be too familiar with the makeup of their garage door, they may not be aware that there is insulation within it. Thus, the first recommendation many Bakersfield garage door repairs service companies will include is checking this area of your garage door. You are going to want to look for any deterioration in the insulation. Missing patches, mold, and other visible damage must be repaired or replaced immediately. Of course, if there is no insulation present, then it is highly recommended to include some onto it. In this case, you are going to have the option of going with insulation with the R-Value of R-8 or R-12. Remember to keep the thickness of the insulation in mind if you don’t want to have your garage door opener working harder to lift your door.

Repairing the Weatherstripping And Caulking Around Your Garage Door

Another area that tends to be forgotten is the weatherstripping around the garage door. When a Bakersfield garage service company first installs a garage door, they will make sure that they are properly weatherproofing your door all around it. This usually looks like a thin black strip. However, over time, this weatherstripping begins to deteriorate due to battling the elements year after year. If you have been noticing sudden drafts or temperature fluctuations within your garage and don’t see any noticeable damage, this may be the issue. Taking the time to have a garage door repair Visalia company come in and repair that issue is a step in the right direction to weatherproofing your garage door.

Although it is important to concentrate on your garage door, it’s also important to ensure that the surrounding material is in good condition as well. Because materials such as brick and concrete are prone to expanding and cracking, this can lead to your door not being secured enough, even if you just added brand new weatherstripping onto it. Fortunately, the solution is not only inexpensive but very easy to do on your own. All you have to do is acquire caulking from your nearest home improvement store and begin sealing any cracks that you see around the garage door area. Doing this simple task can drastically improve your garage door’s insulation performance.

Inspect Your Outdoor Garage Door Panels

The panels, which are located outside your garage door, have three jobs. One is to make your garage door look good, protect it from a possible impact, and lastly, to prevent the elements from coming into the garage space. To properly weatherproof your garage door, you are going to need to make sure that both the inside and outside are in good condition. This is because having broken panels can lead to the elements finding themselves in your garage, thus making your insulation less effective.

Don’t Forget the Garage Door Threshold During Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs

Earlier, we spoke about ensuring that the weatherstripping around the garage door is intact; there is one area that needs to be paid extra attention to. That area includes the threshold of the garage door. Because it is often going to be the most used and abused, it is also likely to be amongst the first parts of your garage door to begin deteriorating. In addition, since this area is often opened and closed, making sure that it’s going to protect you from having stuff like snow, rain, and debris come into the space is necessary. If you plan to do this on your own, there are various kits available on the market that can make that possible. Bringing in a garage door Visalia repair company to do it for you is also a great option to go with.

Insulating Your Garage Walls During Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs

Making sure that your garage door is properly insulated is a great step in the right direction. However, that work may be for nothing if your walls are not insulated as well. Much like your door, you are also going to want insulation with the highest R-value possible for your specific wall.