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5 Instances When You Need Garage Door Repairs in Bakersfield

The garage door is a very durable piece of equipment, but it’s not invincible. Due to its constant use throughout the year, it’s likely that you’ll see some issues arising with your garage door. Observing and understanding these issues is key to ensuring that your door functions properly throughout the year. The following are five instances when you may need garage door repairs in Bakersfield.

1. Loud Noises Coming From Your Bakersfield Garage

Although garage components in Bakersfield aren’t exactly the quietest, they also shouldn’t be so loud that they wake up everyone in the house. If you begin to hear loud, metallic noises coming from your garage door components, you may have a serious issue relating to the garage tracking system. In many cases, it will involve a simple application of lubrication to the bolts and nuts around the garage. However, this should always be checked as it may also be one of your rollers derailing from the tracking system.

2. Garage Door Moving Too Fast of Slow

If your garage door is moving too fast or too slow when you raise and lower it, you may have an issue with your tension springs. The tension springs are often located above or to the side of the garage and are the component in charge of bringing your door up and down safely. However, over time they can become brittle and lose their strength. It should be noted that you should never attempt to repair this component on your own. It can be extremely dangerous to do so, so a company that does Bakersfield garage door repairs should be called in.

3. Light Seeping Through

A functioning garage door will only allow a minimal—if any—amount of light to come through under the door. In this case, you may have an issue with your cables, which means you’ll need to have them properly balanced before the door can be used again.

4. Lack of Garage Door Movement

Having a garage door that simply won’t begin to move may be a sign that you have motor issues. When issues arise with the garage door motor, also simply referred to as the door opener, you may need to bring in a specialist as it can be dangerous to work with live electrical wires if you’re not trained to do so.

5. Sudden Temperature Changes

Do you feel that your garage has suddenly become uncomfortable? You may have issues with your weatherstripping or insulation. Weatherstripping is located along the bottom of the door, and the insulation is placed within the door. However, wear and tear take their toll over time, minimizing their effectiveness.