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Zoning Rules for Garages: What to Keep in Mind

If you live or are new to the Bakersfield area and want to begin construction on a new garage, then the following information is for you. Although it is incredibly important to design your garage, it is equally important to take the time to see if they align with the zoning rules in Bakersfield. Failure to do so can lead to fines or even having your structure turned down. The following includes a list of zoning rules you need to follow within the Bakersfield area.

Bakersfield and Garage Size

According to Bakersfield’s zoning laws, the new construction of a garage to a residential home may not exceed 12% of the property’s size. This includes garages that are both attached and detached. Obtaining an exact number for this is incredibly important as it will be measured by inspectors. Thus it is recommended to obtain the services of a garage installation Bakersfield company to ensure that a professional has signed off on it.

Street-Facing Garages

In some cases, the garage will need to be very close to the street or back alley. Because these areas are considered to be public property, zoning laws require that you build your structure at least 25 feet away from the street. It should be noted that some areas may allow only 20 feet but that all depends on your particular location.

Height Zoning Rules

According to the city of Bakersfield and in conjunction with Kern County, a garage or detached garage should not be higher than the principal dwelling. This means that your garage cannot be as or higher than your residential home. As you may be aware, this is a very simple thing to notice without having to measure the space. This means you run the risk of having a neighbor or inspector call you out on this violation.


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