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Choosing Garage Door Materials to Withstand Moist Environments

Excess moisture and humidity in and around a home can take a toll on your garage door. Therefore, it is important to choose garage door materials that can stand up to the elements and resist pest, mold or mildew damage. Let’s take a look at some different materials that may work best in humid or moist environments.

Fiberglass Can Resist Pests and Rust

Fiberglass garage doors can do a good job of resisting rust as well as keeping pest damage to a minimum. It is not uncommon to see termites, carpenter ants or other bugs flock to where they can find a steady stream of water. Mosquitoes may also tend to congregate where water or other liquids are available to lay eggs in. A company that provides garage door repairs in Bakersfield may be able to help you repair any damage that does occur because of pests or mold.

Steel Can Be Coated to Protect Against the Elements

Steel doors tend to be heavier than fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl options. However, they can be coated to protect against water, pest and rust damage. Protective coatings can also protect against sun damage or damage that can be caused by extremely hot temperatures over long periods of time. It may also be possible to imitate the look of a wood door without it being vulnerable to pest damage or rotting when it gets wet.

Garage Doors Materials Can Be Durable and Affordable

The good news is that most doors are designed to be affordable and durable as possible. Therefore, you will likely get great value for your money regardless of what you choose. The company that repairs your garage door may also be able to offer insight into whether it is actually time to replace it or how to make your current door stronger.