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How Your Garage Door Lets Bugs in Your Home

Insects in your house aren’t just a nuisance. They can also damage your home and spoil your food. If you’ve tried everything to keep bugs out of your house, but they keep finding their way inside, you might need to check your garage.

Once there are insects and bugs in a garage, they’ll start looking for any entries to worm their way into your home. Here are three ways a damaged garage door puts down a welcome mat for pests. A Bakersfield garage service company can help you get a bug-proof garage right away.

The Panels Are Damaged

Are there holes or patches in your garage door panels? Garage door panels are often damaged after a collision. Sometimes, though, inclement weather can damage the door, and panels will deteriorate if a garage door isn’t properly maintained. Not only does it damage the curb appeal of your home, but a broken panel is a gateway for bugs of all types. Get a professional to help repair your broken garage door panels.

The Door Won’t Close

Whether your garage door is completely off track or if it just leaves a gap at the bottom, an open garage door is the easiest way for bugs to enter your home. The wider the gap, the more types of insects that can get in. This includes wasps, which like to seek out sheltered places like garages to make nests.

To make matters worse, a broken garage door usually goes unused, making it the perfect spot for spiders and insects to make their nests and lay eggs. Warm places are at higher risk, so fixing a broken garage door helps to keep them at bay.

The Door Isn’t Properly Sealed

If there aren’t any broken panels or wide gaps in your garage door but bugs still find their way inside, your garage door might not be properly sealed. Crawling insects will go through even tiny gaps that they can crawl through, and bees and wasps are experts at finding holes you didn’t know existed.

A properly sealed garage door doesn’t just keep your heating and cooling costs down and prevent weather damage. It’s an important step to keeping your home bug free. Make sure to get a professional to help you if you’ve been holding off on sealing your garage door.