garage door repair

garage door repair

What Constitutes an Emergency Door Repair?

When you come home and find some minor damage to your garage door, you probably shrug your shoulders and decide to put off calling someone for help with garage door repair. Some repairs are much more serious and require an emergency appointment. These repairs include damage that affects the safety of your family or security of your home.

Access to Home

Some homes have a garage that sits a few feet or more from the home, but others have a garage that connects directly to the home. One example of an emergency garage door repair is damage that gives thieves access to your home. If you have a broken door that won’t close, a robber can slide under that door, walk right into your home and steal from you or harm your family. A stuck door also leaves your garage and home open to any wild animals in the Bakersfield area.

Broken Spring

Bakersfield garage door repairs that constitute an emergency include a broken spring. The spring is the component that allows the garage door to open and close smoothly. If this spring breaks or snaps, the door can fall off its track and injure anyone who tries to lift or close it. Emergency repairs can include springs that have some damage or are weak. There is a risk that this spring can suddenly snap and hit anyone walking by.

Missing or Damaged Door Panels

When a vehicle backs up suddenly or accelerates without warning, it can run right through your door and break one or more panels. Those panels are what keep animals and people from running through your garage. As soon as the accident happens, you can call and schedule a repair appointment. Experts can repair a small broken or missing panel from your garage door or replace the entire door. While some repairs can wait days or even weeks to fix, some repairs require emergency attention and professional help from door experts.