garage door repair


Learn how to turn your garage and its system into a family-friendly environment.

Create a Safe Garage Door System at Home

Every year, up to 30,000 injuries occur due to a garage door. While the design of your garage door already contains safety mechanisms, you will still need to take precautions so that you and your family can remain safe while in the garage.

Your Garage Remote and Garage Safety

Never leave your garage door remote out in the open. Keep it in a secure place so that it is not easily stolen. Some openers let you connect your garage to your phone or car, so you will not need a remote under these circumstances.

Never allow your children to play with the garage door remote. Take the opportunity to instruct your kids to stand away from the door when it is in operation. You’ll also want to them never to hang off of any garage parts as this could lead to a serious accident. The best way to keep your children from getting injured is to talk to them about the dangers of unsafe play around the garage door and parts.

Garage System Cleaning and Maintenance

Always check your garage system to ensure that it is operating as it should. Not doing periodic maintenance could lead to a serious injury. Make sure that all of the garage door components work and then make any needed repairs. If you don’t wish to make the repairs yourself, call a garage installation Bakersfield company to perform the required tasks.

To keep your family safe in the garage, keep this area as clean as you can. If you have a lot of clutter in your garage, someone could slip and fall. A slip could turn tragic if your garage door is closing at the same time.

The Importance of Garage Safety and Maintenance

As a homeowner, you should always check your door system and instruct your family on safety guidelines. When you keep an eye on your garage door system and remind your family of the potential dangers of unsafe behavior, you’re doing your part to keep the most important people in your life safe from harm.