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Can Your New Garage Door Make Your Electricity Bill Rise?

Most homeowners only worry about their garage door and their electricity bill when their garage door is actually open. When you look for a new door, you might get tempted to believe that doors with the exact same R-value will give your home the exact same protection. When shopping for garage doors, look at the door’s thermal breaks and weather seals. If you don’t see either of these elements, the door could cost you a lot of money.

This article will let you know some of the things that you will need to look out for to keep your electricity bill from increasing exponentially.

Door Section Joints

Metal garage doors have metal pieces on both the interior and exterior of the door. Your expert in Bakersfield garage door repair uses staples to connect these pieces. But both the pieces and the staples are made of metal, so they both transmit heat.

A good technician will use other types of weather seals to connect the metal sheets. Without metal touching metal, thermal bridging does not occur. Thermal bridging allows both heat and cold to come in and out of your home garage, increasing your utility bills.

Wooden End Blocks

Section end blocks hold in insulation and mount the hinges on your garage door. Either weatherstripping or a joint joins the metal sheets on your door together. Most garage door manufacturers use steel end caps to close the door’s ends. However, using steel end caps starts the process of thermal bridging. Experienced technicians will use wooden blocks instead of steel.

The Bottom of Your Garage Door

Make sure that your door seals in at the bottom. A good technician will use a thermal weather seal made of plastic that will remain pliable in all kinds of weather.

When you shop for a new garage door, you will need to consider a lot more factors than just the door’s R-value. You’ll need to look at thermal breaks, weatherstripping, and a whole lot more. Talking with your local garage door repair technician can help you decide on the best door for decreasing your electricity bill over time.