Why Garage Doors Open on Their Own

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Garage doors opening on their own may seem among the most unusual of Visalia garage door repair requests. But such problems are much more common than you may think. Such issues have actually become more frequent as we communicate with garage door openers in additional ways, more homeowners have openers installed and there are more devices than ever communicating wirelessly.

Radio Interference

If you have a garage door unexpectedly opening, then the first thing to consider is interference. Like your cordless phone and wireless router, most openers use radio frequencies to communicate. Sometimes, this occurs because two garage doors in the neighborhood are programmed to the same frequency. In this case, the fix is simple. Have a pro reprogram your opener. Other times, the problem can be more complex and require advanced troubleshooting to discover the interference.

Remote Opener

If you have a physical remote to open your garage doors, it can be the issue. The remote should be cleaned to clear any gunk, and you should install fresh batteries. Ensure that any batteries are properly seated. If that doesn’t fix the issue, the remote may be faulty. Consider taking it out of action and using a secondary remote to see if the problem goes away.

Remote Opener App

Many homeowners now use a smartphone as opposed to a dedicated remote opener device. Check the app the provides the remote opener behavior. Make sure that the app is fully compatible with your particular opener. Also, many such apps support programming, so make sure that the app has not been inadvertently set to open the garage doors at particular times.

Check for Obstructions

It can also be that your door is not fully closing and eventually reverting to the open position. If there is a delay, then this can create the appearance of an unexpected opening. This usually occurs because there is some object blocking the door from closing.