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How to Treat Cedar Garage testosterone mix for sale Doors Right

Wooden garage doors like cedar require more treatment than some other materials. While a cedar garage door can last a long time, it will only do so if you apply the proper treatment in terms of cleaning and protecting the material. This will quickly guide you through the treatment steps to ensure you know how to treat cedar right. Remember that professional Bakersfield garage door repair is always available if you need more than a simple do-it-yourself solution.

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Clean and Sand Cedar Garage Doors

Stain can peel and loose wood fibers can appear on cedar garage doors after a few years. Scrub the door with either a nylon or natural stiff-bristled brush to smooth out the material and to remove the existing stain. Fine-grit sandpaper works as well. This will remove dirt and excess material while preparing the garage door for the next step of wood treatment.

Apply the Stain

A stain makes your cedar garage door look great and it applies a layer of protection against the elements and contaminants. It’s best to choose an oil-based exterior stain that penetrates into the wood. While there are transparent stains, many people prefer solid colors or semi-transparent because they give the wood a rich color.

Stir the stain to properly mix the ingredients. Use a synthetic brush and apply the stain in the direction of the cedar grain. Use long and flowing strokes. Be sure to use a liberal amount of stain. Not so much that the wood is soaked, but enough that it can easily penetrate into the cedar without drying out. You will usually need to apply two coats before finishing.

Protect Vulnerable Joints

If not given the right wood treatment, cedar is liable to break along the joints. Apply clear silicone caulk along the joints and wherever you see two pieces of cedar touching. You shouldn’t need too much caulk. Squirt it into the joint and then smooth it out with your finger. This will ensure the wood is protected without the caulk being noticeable.

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Roll-Up Wood Doors

A cedar garage door is considered a roll-up wood door. When the opener for this type of door is activated, it rolls straight up and allows you to enter or leave your garage. These doors are typically made from some type of softwood. However, panel construction for doors that are meant to be painted can use either hardboard or plywood. Some roll-up doors are designed to be stained as opposed to painted, which means that they can include solid wood inserts of redwood, cedar, or any number of high-quality woods.


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A problem with the lintel above the garage door could affect the side walls where they are mounted. Off-balance brackets should be adjusted and remounted by an experienced garage door repair technician. If you need assistance with lintels contact Precision Garage Door of Bakersfield.

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