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Choosing a garage door that best matches your home can be difficult. Understanding the different garage door architecture types can help you make a decision that best complements your home.

Finding a Garage Door Architecture Style for Your Home

The overall appearance of your home is often accented by your garage door. This is why choosing the right garage door architecture can make a difference in your home’s appearance. Below, we’ve outlined the different types of garage doors and how they accent the home. Once you’ve selected your ideal architecture, you’ll be ready to contact your specialists in garage door repair in Bakersfield.

Traditional Garage Door Architecture

The most traditional garage door architecture you can choose is the raised panel doors. These garage doors are seen in many different styles of homes, from traditional Colonial-style homes to more modern homes to provide that classic “retro” feel. Often, these odors provide a simple, symmetrical appearance, with raised panels in rows across the door. Doors like this are great for almost any type of home.

A New Age of Garage Doors

Architecturally speaking, contemporary garage doors provide a new-age feel to most homes. There is often a wide range of different contemporary styles to choose from. These doors are often made of several different types of material, including fiberglass, wood, glass, and metal. Some contemporary designs may even have windows. Choosing a contemporary door will provide your home with a unique feeling, and often is a great way to modernize the appearance of your home.

Innovative and Classic Door Architecture

The last category of architecture is the carriage door. Doors made like this often provide a rustic and classic feel to any home. Most often, they’re made of wood, metal, and glass. In many cases, they are reminiscent of barn doors and characterized by their double-door style that is less common now than the more modern style. Homeowners with carriage-style houses, as well as those with more traditional and classic homes, often find this gives their home the touch of charm it needs.