worker installing garage springs

worker installing garage springs

Choosing the Best Garage Springs

Whether you’re looking to replace your garage springs, or you’re installing a new door, there are two springs you should be aware of. The two most common are oil-tempered and zinc-galvanized torsion springs. This will show you the difference between these springs, and you’ll also learn which is best for your needs.

Oil-Tempered Garage Springs

These springs are quite affordable and very durable. You might be wondering about the name. Oil springs are called this because the springs are first heated and then dropped into oil to cool them down. The spring is removed and reheated again to improve durability and harden the metal.

This spring has many advantages. Aside from being affordable and strong, this spring rarely needs to be adjusted. At the same time, this type of spring offers poor rust protection, and it leaves an oily residue.

Zinc-Galvanized Springs

Zinc springs use a similar tempering process when compared to oil-tempered springs, but the material is different. While oil-tempered springs are dipped in oil, zinc-galvanized springs are dipped in zinc that covers the entire spring. This type of spring is resistant to rust, has no residue and features a better design.

At the same time, these springs tend to need more adjustments, and they are noisy when they move. You’ll really hear these springs when the garage opens and closes.

The Best Spring

Neither spring is objectively better than the other. What really matters is what you’re looking for from the spring. If you want an affordable spring that rarely needs adjusting, then the oil-tempered one might work better for you. If you’d rather have a spring that looks great, is resistant to rust and never leaves an oily residue, then the zinc-galvanized spring might work better.

Both are great. Consider what you want from the spring, and you’ll find the one that works best for you. These can be installed even when getting a Visalia garage door repair.