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This blog post will give every homeowner different ways that they can clean and maintain their garage door all year.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Garage Door

On the average busy day, your garage door may open and close two dozen times. Therefore, you will need to put garage maintenance at the forefront of your priorities. Proper garage door maintenance gives your garage a much longer life.

When cleaning your garage door, use dishwashing liquid and a bristled brush. If you use an abrasive cleaner, it could damage the paint on the door and decrease curb appeal. Homeowners with a steel garage door can clean it with car wax to protect it from rain and dust. Don’t wax the door in sunny weather. You will also want to paint any door with exposed wood.

Hardware Maintenance and Weather Stripping

Use an all-purpose cleaner to wash the weather stripping and its bottom edge. Lubricate this area every few months so that the stripping remains pliable. Don’t lubricate your weather stripping with a petroleum-based lubricant. This can cause the stripping to dry and crack. When adjusting your weather stripping around the perimeter, let the strip hang about a 1/2″ below the base of your door. If you allow the weather stripping to become excessively tight, your garage door will not operate as it should. If you find that your weather stripping is not high in the flexibility factor, hire a Bakersfield garage door repair company to replace it.

To maintain your garage door’s hardware, you’ll want to lubricate the tracks, rollers, and hinges with motor oil. Do this every few months for the best results. Use a cloth to lubricate the door’s springs. By doing this, you reduce the amount of noise that the springs make when the door is operating.

The Maintenance of Your Garage Door Opener

To clean your garage door track, add white grease to it. When you oil all of your mobile parts, you reduce the noise that the motor may make. If the motor still makes a lot of noise, then get nylon rollers installed into the system.

Take your trolley release cord and yank on it to work the door manually. Do you find it difficult to operate? Since the electric operating system will only replace the manual system, it needs to move freely. Call your local garage repair company if you have trouble working the system.

Why Homeowners Should Get Their Garage Doors Checked Every Year

Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your house. When you maintain your garage as you should, it will work as it should. Get a local garage repair technician to perform garage maintenance tasks once a year. During their visit, a technician will lubricate your garage door parts and do any required repairs.