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Knowing more about all of the problems that cold weather can create for your garage door will provide you with the information necessary to prevent development of these problems.

Negative Effects of the Elements on Garage Doors

Like any part of your home, a garage door can be affected by inclement weather. These issues are especially notable during the cold winter months where everything from frigid temperatures to snow and ice can damage portions of your garage door. Knowing more about these problems will allow you to prevent them before they occur.

Opener Problems

Garage door openers can develop a wide range of issues once cold weather sweeps through the area. The moving parts involved in the opening of your garage door only work at their best when lubrication runs freely throughout. Cold weather can cause momentary freezes or small changes that throw the entire system out of order. Most garage doors are also programmed to stop when opening if they run into some type of object. If the lubricant freezes up, the opener could misidentify this issue and reverse its opening. This would leave you without the ability of opening the door at all.

Water Damage

Even if you live in a state that doesn’t suffer from a lot of snow during the winter, heavy rain can also cause a lot of damage, especially for doors that consist of wood. A boost in moisture can cause the entire framing of the door to swell. This can lead to an issue where the door becomes stuck when opening or closing.

Freezing Issues

When the temperature is below freezing, your garage door can become welded shut. This happens due to the pooling of water at the bottom. The only way to remedy this issue is by melting the ice. One of the best ways to prevent these issues from happening in the first place is to make use of regular maintenance. Doing so will keep your garage door in premium condition while identifying early problems that need to be rectified. If your door is ever damaged, it’s important that you request Bakersfield garage door repair services to prevent further damage.