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Whether upgrading from an old opener or selecting an opener for your new garage door, there are many types of openers that you can select from.

Types of Garage Door Opener Models for Your Home

The garage door opener that you choose for your home is just as important as the garage door itself. Even if your door is made from premium materials, it won’t work well if it’s not paired with a high-quality opener. Along with the various features that can be equipped on a door opener, there are also many different types that you can choose, which range from chain-drive openers to screw-drive openers.

Chain-Drive and Belt-Drive Garage Door Opener Models

Chain-drive openers use a chain that connects the motor to the trolley. These particular openers are relatively loud but are typically among the most affordable openers that you can select for your garage door. Belt-drive openers are outfitted with a rubber belt as opposed to a chain, which allows for them to have quiet operation. This rubber belt is reinforced with steel, which ensures that it holds up under pressure. Some maintenance is required for belt-drive openers.

Screw-Drive Openers and Direct-Drive Openers

Screw-drive openers use a unique threaded steel rod to operate the door. A motor is used to rotate this rod when opening or closing the garage door. While this particular type of opener is somewhat noisy because of how it’s constructed, it’s also very easy to maintain since only a few parts are used in the design of the system. As for direct-drive openers, they are designed to be very quiet when being operated. This opener pairs a steel rail with a stationary chain, which means that there’s only a single moving part. Because of the simple design, there are very little maintenance requirements with this opener.

DC-Powered Openers

If you want a garage door opener that comes with a modern feature-set, DC-powered openers may be the ideal fit for you and your home. These openers are known for being small, quiet, and fast. They are also typically equipped with features like variable speeds for opening and closing the door. It’s also possible that you don’t need a new door opener. In the event that your current opener merely requires repair, there are reputable companies that offer garage door repairs in Visalia.