Garage Door repair Bakersfield

Garage Door repair Bakersfield

A garage door is comprised of a myriad of useful components that must work in conjunction for the door to open properly. When even one of these components gets out of place or stops working altogether, the door will start to malfunction. Understanding the common reasons for a malfunctioning garage door will allow you to have a better idea of why your garage door isn’t working.

Broken Springs

One of the most common issues to plaque garage doors is a broken spring. The springs in your garage door could be situated horizontally along the top of the door or at either side. With the former, issues could arise if the springs become separated. As for the latter, issues with these springs are more identifiable because they visibly hang from the door when broken. Replacing them is very difficult for someone that’s not a professional, so consider seeking Bakersfield garage door repair services to remedy the issue.


The rollers that allow a garage door to open can become misaligned by veering off the track they’re set on. This is readily noticeable when it occurs, as the roller will be hanging entirely off the track. This problem can cause further damage to the door panels, which might require a full replacement. In most cases, simply realigning the roller will be sufficient for repairs. However, this can be tricky, so don’t attempt to do so yourself.

Worn Down Components

No matter the quality of your garage door, components will wear down over time. This is especially common with garage door rollers, as the ones that come included with most doors aren’t that great. As the door opens, the drag caused by the rollers can wear them down. Door openers and hinges will also wear down over time. For garage door openers, this doesn’t usually happen for years, but hinges can break or become noisy. The latter is fixable with the application of some oil, but the former will require repairs.