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Why Garage Door Insulation Gets Damaged

An insulated garage door can make your entire house feel warmer and more comfortable throughout the year. In some cases, it can make your home worth more on the open market. However, insulation can be vulnerable to water and pest damage, and insulation can also lose its effectiveness as it ages.

How Water Hurts Garage Door Insulation

When water comes into contact with garage door insulation, the moisture will generally start to eat away at it. This may cause the insulating material to lose its ability to prevent drafts or otherwise help to keep your garage warmer than it otherwise would be. A garage door of any kind can be vulnerable to water damage if the roof is leaking or if there any holes in the door itself that water can sneak through.

How Garage Door Insulation Can Be Damaged by Pests

Pests such as carpenter ants or termites may create colonies wherever they can find soft material to eat or burrow into. On its own, insulation may not be able to withstand a significant insect or rodent invasion. If insulation has been exposed to water or humid air, it can be even more vulnerable to pests.

In the event that your insulated garage door has been damaged, it can be a good idea to call a service provider that provides garage door repairs in Visalia for help. Doing so quickly may help to save the door and prevent pests from migrating into your home.

You May Not Need to Replace the Entire Garage Door

Depending on the design of your garage door, it may be possible to simply repair or replace a single panel instead of the whole door. This may make it easier and less expensive to maintain an important part of your home.