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Top Repairs Needed on Garage Doors

Garage doors are extremely durable and can withstand various environmental elements over the years. Although they are built with strong materials, they can begin to wear or break down over time. Here are a few of the top repairs to expect to perform on your garage door in the future.

Misaligned Safety Sensors

Many people have to deal with a garage door that won’t open or close properly. Try replacing the batteries or reprogramming the garage door opener. The sensors that are located may be obstructed by objects that are placed on the floor or the sensors weren’t installed at the same height. A garage door technician will be capable of reinstalling the sensors or diagnosing the issue to ensure that the problem is remedied.

If the garage door still doesn’t open properly, it may be due to a bent garage door track. You can also check to see if the garage door is misaligned by examining the parts to determine if there are gaps between the rail and the rollers.

Broken Garage Door Springs

It’s only a matter of time before garage door springs begin to break due to the frequent use of the product as it opens and closes thousands of times. You’ll need to contact a professional if you begin to hear unusual noises or screeching. Some garages only use one spring while others need two springs to operate. A professional will need to perform garage door repair Bakersfield because the issue can be dangerous to attempt to repair on your own. Avoid opening the door until the problem is fixed to avoid injuries that can occur.

The Door Moves Unevenly

Debris or objects may be present on the tracks of the garage door, which can cause it to shimmy side to side when it opens and closes. You’ll need to clean the tracks to remove any leaves or dirt that has accumulated over time. It’s also important to check the quality of the springs and have the motors inspected by a professional to determine if they need to be repaired or replaced.