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When to Repair Your Wooden Garage Door

Wooden garage doors are commonly installed on homes and are favored for their beautiful design and appearance. Over time, the product can begin to wear down or become damaged with frequent use, which can affect the function of the feature, and if it opens and closes easily. If you want to provide the proper care and attention the door needs, there are a few signs to look for when it’s time to repair your wooden garage door.

Issues with the Balance

Wooden garage doors are prone to becoming unbalanced over time, which affects how well it operates. The springs can suffer from excess wear, which causes one side of the door to slump. Springs will often need to be replaced and require professional who specializes in garage door repair in Visalia to ensure that you can continue to use the feature without experiencing further issues.

Decay on Your Wooden Garage Door

Garage doors that are constructed out of wood are classic but are more prone to decay when they’re exposed to environmental elements throughout the year. Cracks or holes that form are a common sign that additional decay may be present on other parts of the door, which can affect its structural integrity. Mold and mildew may also be present due to moisture that affects the quality of the feature. Waiting too long to perform the necessary repairs and patch up the damage can lead to a complete replacement of the wooden door, which makes it necessary to act quickly.

Unusual Noises

It’s common for your garage door to make a loud noise as it operates, but you’ll notice when unusual sounds start to occur. You may begin to hear clicks and whirrs, which is a sign that there’s an underlying issue present. Some of the top causes of unusual sounds include springs that need to be replaced, issues with the motor, and a door that has become unbalanced. A professional can inspect the parts and diagnose the issue quickly.