Installing Carriage Doors During Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs

When scheduling your Bakersfield garage door repairs, be sure to ask about what types of doors work best for your garage. Carriage doors aren’t typically seen, so consider these “barn doors” if you just want to stand out. Carriage doors get their name from the horse-drawn carriages that were once stored behind them. They have an antiquated and even colonial look that still garners attention in this modern world. If your current door is always in need of repairs, then it might be time to change the entire door. Carriage doors are simpler, stronger and covered by warranties.

The Necessary Space

When scheduling a garage door repair, use this time to ask about your clearance space for a carriage door. These doors require a longer driveway than other doors do. Since they swing open outward, toward you or your vehicle, you’ll need enough space for this swing and your parked car. A contractor can be reached to find out just how much space you have or need. They will measure your garage, driveway and threshold. Along with your driveway, they will want to look at any obstructions like trees that you have hanging around your garage’s opening.

The Style of Your Home and Garage

Keep in mind that carriage doors have a rustic look and can even be considered antiquated. The long metal hinges they have makes you feel like you’re even looking at barn doors. Only after you’ve asked yourself about the aesthetics of your entire property should you consider carriage-style doors. You want your door to stand out but not in an opposing way. The more that your garage and doors fit the rest of your home, the more value your property will generate.

The Size of Your Garage’s Threshold

Your Bakersfield garage door can be made larger, but it has a set dimension for the time being. This also means that its threshold is either ideal for carriage doors right now or not. Carriage garage doors make more sense when used on large, broad openings. This is because a larger threshold gives you the option of operating just a single opening of a double-sided door. You don’t need to open both doors within a carriage design. For large openings, an entire car will even pass through a single door, and this gives you flexibility and more options to use at home.

Your Financial Budget

Before scheduling Bakersfield garage door repairs for a new door, consider how much it will cost when done. Carriage doors tend to be stronger than roll-up garage doors. The materials they use are heavier and more likely to be supported by dense steel. While you might find roll-up doors for $900 or less, a reliable carriage door will be a couple of thousands of dollars or more. The cost of your carriage door today, however, is a clear reflection of what you can save over time. Carriage doors require less maintenance or repairs than other garage doors do.

New Renovations or New Constructions

Installing precision garage doors should be considered any time you start a construction project or new renovations. These projects give you the chance to speak with professionals about the fit that a carriage door has within your property. Building projects give you the time and resources to find the best materials or costs upfront. To make the most of any work, consider having example drawings done. These will enable you or a contractor to foresee any likely challenges while also confirming how the final look of your doors will work. You can even save more money this way.

Local Building Permits and Construction Laws

Bakersfield garage door repairs don’t need permits if they relate to small fixes for malfunctioning parts. However, when you’re upgrading an entire garage door or installing a new one, there are specific building codes you must follow. Each project is different, but speaking with a contractor now will help you stay informed. These professionals know the local laws and what will apply to your door. As stated in California law, “No building or structure may be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished [without] a separate permit …”

When You Need to Preserve Your Interior Space

Scheduling Bakersfield garage door repairs for carriage door installations makes sense if you need to conserve your interior space. In more common cases, the parts of a garage door will be stored within the garage. This includes the tracks, door opener and the door itself. Carriage doors, however, reduce how much space is taken up from within your garage. There are no overhead obstructions required, and there are no guide tracks used in carriage doors, which do take up space. Since these doors swing out, your interior space is never used or reduced in any way.

Being Creative and Taking Control

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of your Bakersfield garage door repairs as an opportunity to be more creative. In some cases, carriage doors aren’t the most practical choice for you. However, when they make you feel more at home or inspire you, then you might consider living with any disadvantage these doors give you. The fact is that these doors can always be customized. You have the creative freedom to choose your desired colors, textures and dimensions. You might even find resolve by using carriage doors for one threshold and a roll-up door on an adjacent one.

Confirming Your Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs

Your time and money are important, so don’t move forward with your project without getting professional help. Assemblies like garage doors have reliable warranties that can only be used if you had a licensed contractor install such assemblies. With the right professional, you don’t have to rush your project either. You will, instead, have the skills and necessary competency to create legal drawing plans for your specific zoning criteria. You’ll then be able to start a project with the least likelihood of encountering any major setbacks, so consider a professional today.