What Damage You Need to Look for After Lightning Has Struck Your House


The Importance of Garage Door Inspections After a Lightning Strike

Springtime thunderstorms often bring thunder and lightning. The intense energy of a lightning strike could cause considerable damage if it hits your house or close to your house. If you think that lightning hit your house or property or you can see signs of lightning damage near your home, it is a good idea to call a Bakersfield garage service for a thorough inspection.

Electrical Damage

One of the most prevalent types of damage from a lightning strike is electrical. The ultra-high voltage of a lightning strike could wipe out the motor of a garage door opener. It could also damage the wiring in the garage, necessitating the replacement of not only the opener but also all of the wiring that delivers electricity to the opener.

Melting of the Cables or Springs

In addition to the extreme voltage delivered by a bolt of lightning as it strikes, the lightning bolt also delivers intense heat. The heat from a lightning bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun. This heat could melt critical components of a garage door and its opening system. The cables or springs could melt. The tracks could warp, and metal door panels could be warped or melted.

Damage to the Opener’s Tracks or Laser Eye

The shake of a nearby thunderclap or energy of a lightning strike could also damage the garage door’s laser eye. The laser’s eye must remain level in order to deliver accurate information for the door to open and close. The shaking of the house could shift the laser eye out of place. A nearby lightning strike could also shift the door tracks out of their proper position. Even a slight shift of the tracks, a few hundredths of an inch, could cause door problems.