Garage doors with an electric opener are also outfitted with a manual release. This release allows you to open and close the door without electricity. If the manual release breaks, you may be left without a way to access your garage. It is important to understand how the manual release works so that you can contact a garage door repair in Bakersfield at the first sign of a problem.

What the Manual Release Does

The manual release allows you to lift the garage door when the opener is deactivated. You may need to do this if the power goes out and the opener will not work. You may also wish to use it if you disable the opener before going on vacation. The manual release may also be needed in case the safety sensor malfunctions and you need to hurry and lift the garage door off of a child or a pet.

Common Problems with the Manual Release Handle

The manual release handle may break off or crack. It may corrode or rust, making it difficult to maneuver. In some cases, the manual release may be fine but the springs may be stiff or corroded, making it too difficult for even a strong adult to lift up the heavy garage door.

Reasons to Get the Manual Release Repaired

The manual release helps you to manage an emergency situation. It also helps to keep things in your garage secure. If the manual release is damaged or broken, you may not be able to respond in an emergency. Having an experienced garage door technician repair the manual release and check the garage door springs ensures safety.