Dealing With the Aftermath of a Garage Robbery


Unscrupulous thieves don’t just break into people’s homes; they often break into garages to try to steal lawn equipment or vehicles. Here’s what to do if your garage has been robbed.

What to Do After Someone Breaks into Your Garage

There’s nothing scarier than having a thief break into your home when you’re away or asleep. It can feel like a total violation of your property and your sense of security. You will feel the same sense of violation if someone breaks into your garage. Garages are where we store not only our vehicles, but many of our other valuable belongings. If your garage has been broken into, here’s what you should do in the aftermath.

Contact the Authorities

It’s imperative that you contact the authorities as soon as you realize that your garage has been broken into or robbed. The sooner you contact the authorities, the more likely it is that they will be able to find the perpetrators. Be sure to tell the responding officers or investigators exactly what was stolen and what sort of damage was done.

Repair and Replace

If your garage door was broken during the robbery, it’s essential that you contact a company that provides garage door repair in Bakersfield to get it fixed as soon as possible. If your belongings were stolen, be sure to speak with your insurance company about how much they will contribute towards replacing your lost property.

Relax and Breathe

Having your garage broken into can be quite scary. However, most robberies are crimes of opportunity and it’s not very likely that the thieves will return. Be sure to secure your property and do your best to relax and stay levelheaded.