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The Pros and Cons of Carriage Garage Doors

You’ve probably been thinking about taking your garage door to the next level. One of the most popular choices that demonstrates durability and style are carriage garage doors. However, you might not be convinced regarding this initial investment just yet. Therefore, we’ve laid out the pros and cons of installing a carriage garage door to your garage.

Pros of Carriage Doors

Let’s begin with the durability of the carriage garage door. Because you are able to have the option of installing crossbucks, panel patterns, and vertical slats, you are thus adding to the door’s strength. How about practicality? One of the most common issues facing homeowners is that they have a high-ceiling garage, and thus the rails of a typical garage door just won’t be feasible. Carriage garage doors are a great way to get around this issue as they can open to the side of the building rather than to the top. Next are the options you have when it comes to design.


Much like anything in life, there are cons to choosing to purchase Carriage Style Doors. One of the most common reasons homeowners may choose to go another route is due to the way the doors open up. Those with a limited amount of driveway space may not like the amount of space that the doors take up when they are opened. Finally, the price. If budget or affordability is an issue, then you might not want to go along with this purchase. Not only is the initial investment high, but you will also need to have regular garage door repairs in Visalia done to the doors in order to keep them functioning properly throughout the year.