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Which Garage Door Opener Is For You?

There are several considerations when it comes to owning a home, and then several decisions to make about each individual room or appliance! All of these choices can be overwhelming, so it is important to do your research, take your time, and decide what is best for you. This is easier when someone else does the research, of course, so presented here are your options for garage door openers currently on the market. We also explain the benefits of each option in order to insure you are able to make the best choice.


The remote garage door opener is the first and most familiar way to open your garage without manual effort. Lots of people enjoy this option because you do not have to get out of your car. There can be issues with the batteries dying, but this is uncommon as well as easy to remedy with a few fresh batteries.


Wall-mounted garage door openers are great for those that have frequent visitors, or those that are doing renovations with contractors going in and out. This option enables you to keep your keys out of other’s hands. It is easier to recode your garage door than it is to rekey your home! The wall-mount is also a nice backup to the remote in case of any battery issues.


Our world is becoming more automated and convenient every day, and one of the latest innovations includes the garage door. In some new model vehicles, your technological personal assistant will be able to open your garage door for you! Simply ask your personal assistant to open the door as you would ask it to do anything else, and watch the door respond. People enjoy the ease and reliability of this option, as well as the envy of others.

Whatever your choice, Bakersfield Garage Service will be here for your installation and maintenance needs.