garage door repair bakersfield

garage door repair bakersfield

Your garage door faces the outdoors all year long. When the door is open, it gets exposed to heat, humidity, dust, dirt and rain. All of the effects of extreme weather can lead to a damaged door. Taking these steps can help to protect your door, but if damage does occur, a service for garage door repair in Bakersfield can fix the problems.


Heat can wreak major havoc on multiple components of your garage door and its opener. The heat can weaken weatherstripping, allowing moisture to penetrate into the door. This can lead to rust on the hardware, including the springs, track and chains. Heat can also cause the metal to expand. When the metal parts of the garage door and opener expand, they might not fit together properly, and the door may not open and close as it should. Technicians can replace worn weatherstripping and re-position misaligned springs, tracks and chains.

Cold Air

Cold weather or a sudden cold snap overnight can also cause problems for a garage door and the opener. Metal contracts in cold water. This can cause hardware to loosen. Contracted metal may also shift out of position, causing a garage door to slip around on the tracks. The cold can also slow everything down, making it take longer for the door to open and close. Garage door repair technicians can tighten loose hardware and replace the door onto the tracks.

Wind and Storms

Strong winds, heavy rains, hailstones and flying debris also harm garage doors. Debris can get stuck in the springs or on the tracks. Winds and hailstones can dent the door’s panels or even knock it out of its proper position. Heavy rains can drive moisture into the springs, causing them to rust. A rust-prevention spray can be applied by technicians, and dents can be removed from the door.