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Determining the Length of a Garage Door Install

In most cases, it only takes about three or four hours to install a new garage door. However, like anything else in life, there are exceptions to the rule. In some cases, an installation could take an entire day or even an entire weekend. Let’s look at the factors surrounding how long it could take to install a garage door.

How Similar Are the Two Doors?

If the new door is similar to the old door, it will likely be easier to install. However, if the new door is larger, wider or made of different materials than the old door, it could result in a project that takes longer to complete. This is because the door or the opening that it goes into may need to be extended or cut down to size. The track that it goes on as well as the springs that attach to the door may also need to be replaced if the new door is significantly different from the old one.

How Safe Are the Working Conditions?

It is possible that a garage has become a breeding ground for birds, animals or pests. It could also be the site of a hornet nest or some other dangerous condition. While most of the work is done inside, it may be necessary for workers to spend time outdoors working on the door itself. Therefore, a project may be delayed or postponed if there is inclement weather or other issues that make it difficult or unsafe to work outside.

Your Garage Door Is More Important Than You Think

If your garage door is damaged for any reason, it is important to have someone check it out immediately. In some cases, having a company that is equipped to handle Bakersfield garage door repairs look at the door may make it possible to repair it instead of replacing it outright. This could save a homeowner both time and money now and in the future.