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Garage Maintenance Can Be a Boon to a Homeowner’s Health

Those who have asthma, allergies or other health problems will want to make sure that they keep their garage clean and sealed from the elements. In addition to making it easier to breathe or live comfortably in a home, using weatherstripping and other tools can keep energy costs to a minimum. What are some ways that failing to maintain a garage could exacerbate health issues?

Mold Can Grow If Excess Moisture Isn’t Removed

One way that you can maintain a garage is to ensure that air is allowed to circulate properly throughout the space. It may be a good idea to have a professional install extra ventilation or check to ensure that the gutters are in good condition. It may also be a good idea to have a garage door repairs Visalia company check for any cracks or holes in the door itself. Water or humid air may be able to get through these cracks, which could make them larger over time.

Spending Money to Maintain a Garage Can Keep Dust and Pollen Out

Dust and pollen may readily stick to a garage door or sneak in through gaps in a door or window frame. Ideally, you will have your garage door and other components inspected annually to ensure that it is properly protected against any particles that could make it harder to breathe. Those who are highly sensitive to these substances may want to have an air purifier installed in the garage to ensure that only clean air is allowed to linger.

Don’t Forget About the Outside of the House

There are many places where dust, pollen or water can enter a garage. For instance, if there are gaps in a home’s siding, it could eventually make its way into the garage. You may also want to make sure that grass or plants are kept away from the home so that pollen or grass clippings are less likely to enter that space.