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Four Options for a More Attractive Garage Door

Many area homeowners take advantage of routine Bakersfield garage service to ensure that their doors and openers last and continue to run great. Many people and businesses are also looking for ways to spruce up their garage doors beyond material choices and color. Perhaps they already have the color and contrast they want and are just looking to do more, or perhaps changing up paint or material isn’t an option because of a homeowner association agreement.

Decorative Glass

Decorative windows and glass options are an effective and reasonably affordable way to change the entire aesthetic of a garage door. If your door doesn’t currently have windows but does have panels, those garage panels can easily be fitted with windows. Windows can have frosted accents. Stained glass can be used in place of windows. Tinted or mirrored glass can help keep a garage cooler while also giving the door itself a distinct appeal that can actually change based on the time of day.

Vinyl Decals and Wraps

Some HOA guidelines restrict wraps and decals on a home, so check yours first, but if vinyl is an option for you, then there’s so much you can do with. Patterns, for instance, can enhance paint and add contrast in a way that a traditional paint job can’t. Custom wraps can be ordered online, and people use vinyl decals to display their patriotism, alma mater, favorite sports teams and more.

Ornamental Handles and Hinges

Different garage door and trim colors are a great way to achieve contrast, and another option is decorative hinges and handles. You can find this ornamental hardware in both vintage and modern styles, and although black and metal colors are the prevalent options, a wide range of colors exist to match against even dark doors and trim.

Ornate Lighting

The thought of ornate lighting for your garage may make you think of Christmas, but there are clear and colored lighting options that can be used year-round. Some are hung, ground-mounted or attached to the trim, and they can shade colors, create patterns and even cause a movement effect.