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White is an excellent color choice for your garage doors. But there are many varieties of white, and the ideal shade will often depend on other characteristics of your home, like how many antique features it has.

Choosing Antique or Another White Shade for Your Garage Door

Repainting is among the most common garage door repairs in Bakersfield. A fresh coat not only improves curbside appeal but protects the doors from the sun and weather. Although garage doors can be painted in any color, white is likeliest the most popular option. White tends to be more neutral and helps other features of a home really pop. Of course, white is a rather broad term in the paint world. You can opt for a classic white that is bright, a modern white that is neutral or an antique white that is creamy.

White Garage Doors for a White Home

The core color of your home is an essential factor in recognizing the ideal shade of white for your garage doors. If your home is primarily white, white garage doors can still work quite well. However, you will generally want to create some degree of contrast. If, for instance, you have painted your home a crisp, bright white, an antique white will provide that contrast by being creamier and duller. If, on the other hand, the siding is more of a neutral white, you can achieve contrast in either direction of the color palette.

White Garage Doors for a Darker Home

If your home is a darker color, then any shade of white is likely to create contrast. The decision then becomes a matter of how much contrast or complement you want. A home painted dark blue is likely to benefit from a bright white. A home with stained cedar siding would benefit more from a creamier white that contrasts but also blends.

White Color Palette: From Crisp to Antique

Even within categories of white, such as antique, there are a range of options. You can even tweak off-the-shelf colors for a unique hue. Your ideal choice will factor not just the siding color, but shingles, front door and other defining elements.