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Don’t Panic If You Back Into Your Garage Door

One of the most common repair calls that garage door repair services receive is from someone who has accidentally backed their vehicle into a garage door. A natural reaction is to panic, but it’s possible the damage isn’t as bad as you think. The best thing to do is first, assess the damage and then call a Bakersfield garage door repair service to help you out. Here are some things you should do if you or someone else backs into your garage door.

Damage That Can Be Caused by Backing Into Your Garage Door

The type of damage that happens to a garage door when a vehicle backs into it depends on a variety of factors. These include the size of the vehicle, the speed it was traveling and the material your garage door is made of. If your garage door is made of aluminum or steel, you may only have a minor dent that can be easily fixed. Garage doors that are made of wood will probably require more extensive repairs, and these are best completed by a professional.

Assess the Damage

First, for everyone’s safety, you should make sure no one operates the door. Doing so could cause more damage to garage doors and result in more costly repairs. You should try to ascertain if the damage is something you can repair yourself. The age of your garage door will play a role, and the rule of thumb is that if your garage is five years old or older, the entire door may have to be replaced because it’s likely that garage door model is no longer being produced by the manufacturer, making it difficult find a panel that matches. While you could still replace the panel, you may wind up with a slight mismatch, resulting in less curb appeal of the home. If there is a major dent, or if glass or mechanisms are broken, you’ll have to repair or replace all of the damaged parts. This work is best done by professionals.

Call a Professional for Help

If the damage is more than a simple dent or cosmetic scrape, or if your garage door is older, it’s best to call a professional. Garage door specialists can assess the extent of the damage and provide you with the best course of action to get your garage door working properly again. Once the needed repairs have been determined, a professional garage door installer can ensure the repairs are done correctly for trouble-free opening and closing.