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3 Ways Your Garage Door Matters When Selling Your Home

There is a lot to think about when it comes time to sell your home. You need to figure out your asking price, stage the property and determine where you will live after the house is sold. However, you shouldn’t forget about the pivotal role that your garage door can play when drawing a buyer’s interest. Garage door repair costs can repay themselves many times over when you’re listing your house.

The Garage Door Presents a Barrier to the Outside World

When you close your garage door at night, you should feel as if no one can get inside of your house without your permission. If a buyer sees a garage door that doesn’t close all the way or has a crack in it, that person may not feel as if he or she will be safe in that house. At the very least, fixing the garage will represent more time and money that a buyer may not want to spend after purchasing a home.

A Damaged Garage Could Be a Health and Safety Hazard

A mouse can squeeze through a hole that is a quarter of an inch in diameter. Water may also be able to get through even the smallest of openings, which may present conditions in which mold and other spores can thrive. Birds and squirrels may also make their homes in any exposed portions of your garage. Therefore, it is important that you contact a Bakersfield garage door repair company to ensure that you provide a safe home for a future buyer and get top dollar.

Details Matter When Selling a Home

Painting a garage door may cost as little as $200. Replacing a garage door may cost as little as $750. In addition to recouping the majority of that cost when the home sells, a nice garage door shows that you care about your property. Buyers who see that the outside of the home has been properly maintained are more likely to assume that the inside has been as well. This could lead to offers at the top end of your home’s market value.