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Three Common Problems With Garage Door Brackets

Garage door brackets are located in several places along your garage’s ceiling and wall near the garage door opening. Made from steel, the brackets are responsible for holding the tracks and pulley system in place. Additional brackets maintain the laser safety eye. If you notice any of these three problems with your home’s brackets, it is important to schedule a Visalia garage door repair for a professional inspection and replacement of the brackets or their fasteners.

Loose Bolts

The brackets each use two or more bolts in order to stay in contact with the studs in the garage walls. Each time the garage door opens and closes, the entire track system experience some amount of vibration. Over years of use, the vibration may cause the bolts to loosen. Loose bolts could weaken the brackets and cause them to become uneven. A technician can tighten the bolts and ensure that the brackets are in their proper positions.

Rusted Bolts or Brackets

Although bolts and brackets are typically made of stainless or galvanized steel, they can rust or corrode. Exposure to salt, cleaning agents, paints and other materials used in the garage, for cleaning cars or for cleaning siding or driveways can get onto the respective parts, making them rust. Rusted parts need to be replaced by a professional garage door technician.

Off-Balance Garage Door Brackets

Brackets may shift over time. This could be due to wet or dry rot of the wood or excessive vibrations of the garage door. They could also shift as a result of settling of the garage foundation. A problem with the lintel above the garage door could affect the side walls where they are mounted. Off-balance brackets should be adjusted and remounted by an experienced garage door repair technician.