Garage Door Drums

Garage Door Drums

When Do You Need to Replace Garage Door Drums?

The average home garage is able to function due to the various components that are used. Combined, they allow us to have a convenient way of getting our vehicle in and out of our garage each day. However, these parts will only keep providing us with that convenience if we take the time to take care of them as well. Some of the least looked-over parts are the garage door drums. Therefore, we’ve decided to focus on understanding when you need to replace them.

Garage Door Drums and Their Function

Before we get to the inspection, you first need to understand what exactly the drums do for the garage door. Drums are located on each side of the spring bar and are located within the garage interior. The wire that you see attached to each drum runs down towards the bottom of the garage door. So, while the tension springs offer a counterbalance to the door as it lifts, the drums are the components actually doing much of the work.


So, when should you have your drums inspected? Although the drums are heavily used, they are actually very durable. Thus, the ideal amount of times you need to inspect the drums is about once per year. On your own, you can visually inspect the drums every once in a while just to make sure they don’t have major damage to them. However, because wear and tear are difficult to see from afar, you could consider bringing in a garage door repairs Visalia company to ensure that any issues are properly repaired.