garage door repair

Rollers are a key element to an efficient garage door in Bakersfield, and there are two distinct types of garage door rollers on the market today.

Metal Roller 

Over time dust, grease, and wear-tear on metal rollers can wear down on the bearing. The roller can become loose and start to fatigue. If you shake the roller, you’ll be able to hear the bearing inside of it rolling around. Rollers are very similar to the tires on your car, and if they aren’t working efficiently, they can cause your garage door to lose motion, appear crooked, and can also create loud, unpleasant noises.

Nylon Roller 

Here at Precision Garage Door of Bakersfield, we use the nylon roller. A nylon roller has a sealed bearing unit, which prevents dirt and grime from getting inside the bearing. It also has a nylon wheel coating, which helps keep garage doors running seamlessly and without noise. These rollers require minimal maintenance and have an extensive lifespan compared to the metal rollers.

Watch our professional garage door repair serviceman breakdown the two types: